Version 6 changes from release on 9/03/2009 through 09/11/2009.

09/11/2001 Changes version 6.0.2 from  6.0.1

1.  When using separate day and night assignments, a night call on the day before a holiday was not forced be associated with a correct day assignment when the night call was linked to a call type that was inactive due to the holiday.  V6.0.2 corrects this. 

09/03/2009 Version 6.0.1 Changes from version 5.7.7

1.   The program uses a newer version help file compatible with Microsoft Vista.  The program itself was compatible with Vista already.

2.  The program is compiled using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 instead of Visual Basic 5.  The Microsoft auxiliary programs used by Callschedule are different. It is necessary to uninstall older versions prior to installing version 6.

3.  The database format for new databases is that used by Microsoft Access 2000.  Previous versions used the 1997 Access format.  The Callschedule  V6 program reads 1997 Access and 2000 Access format, so it will read existing Callschedule databases without problem.  If your database is in the 1997 format, the program will continue to use that format.  You can convert your database and backups (using Microsoft Access) to the 2000 format without problem.  Note that if you restore a backup that is in 1997 format the program will subsequently write in that format.

4. An error in Setup Schedule "Show numbers" when using separate day and night assignments or where two or more people can not be assigned on the same day is corrected.  Previous versions correctly show only when the schedule cannot be filled.

Version 5 changes from release on 10/8/2002 through 07/16/2007.

01/16/2007 Changes Version 5.7.6 to 5.7.7

1.  A incorrect error message regarding request links (there was no error except the message) is eliminated.

08/16/2005 Changes Version 5.7.5 to 5.7.6

1. The algorithms to create a complete schedule with various multiple conflicts are strengthened (we believe to unbreakable).

03/28/2005 Changes Version 5.7.3 to to 5.7.4 to 5.7.5

1. On which day of the week to start weekly calendars is now optional.  The option is seen when “Print weekly calendars” is clicked from reports.

2. HTML and Spreadsheet output from reports now orders the call types based on page number, line number as set in “Format Calendar”.

3. An error in storing manual assignments has been corrected.  When a schedule was edited, manual assignments were deleted in contiguous unscheduled months up to the maximum range of vacation plus vacation extensions.  Non-availability, such as “Request no call” or “Not Available” were not affected.  The problem is corrected.

03/05/2005 Changes Version 5.7.2 to 5.7.3

1. Attempting to print the pre-schedule for an unscheduled month from “Reports” resulted in an error in version 5.7.1and 5.7.2.  The error is corrected.

2. When a person’s availability was altered from normal to a “Request no call” or other non-availability and then back to normal, the last non-normal value was displayed in that person’s individual schedule.  No where else was this superseded value used or displayed and a “Tools”, “Clean database” deleted it.  This problem is corrected .

11/29/2004 Changes Version 5.7.1 to 5.7.2

1. Fixes problem that temporary call type dates would not delete in v5.7.0 - 5.7.1.  (In 5.7.0 and 5.7.1, changing the year to 2000 effectively deletes the dates.)

11/14/2004 Changes Version 5.7.0 to 5.7.1

1. Fixes problem that individual schedules did not print unless the complete schedule was also printed.

2. The advanced option "Maximize schedule beyond minimum", when unchecked (not the default) did not show up in the list of advanced options not set to their defaults.  Version 5.7.1. lists it appropriately.  A spurious message indicating the advanced option stop date is not set to it's default, present only when another advanced option is also not at it's default, is eliminated.

10/20/2004 Changes Version 5.6.3 to 5.7.0

1. A new way to  link assignments has been added.  The new "request link" does not have to be the same for all people.  The requested assignment is scheduled after the primary assignment, rather the two assignments being scheduled as a block.  Other restrictions, necessary when scheduling the assignments as a block, are reduced.  In addition, request links can be used to associate otherwise incompatible day and night assignments.

2. An addition to "Always/Never Assign" is the option to never schedule two people on the same day or night.  Combining this with making both people FTE of .5 allows two people to share one position.

3. A new "Advanced Option" disables the program from maximizing the number of filled assignments beyond the minimum schedule.  This affects scheduling when not all people can take assignments that are in excess of the minimum necessary schedule, and it is desired that these assignments remain unfilled when the people who can take the assignments are elsewhere assigned.

4. If your computer was set to Canadian or British English, where dates are represented Day/Month/Year rather than Month/Day/Year, calls to the Microsoft database engine were confused as the database engine accepts only the American English representation.  The program has been made independent of the date format of the host computer.

5. When weekend day time assignments were to be spaced as night call, the spacing did not occur when a contiguous weekday was scheduled first.  This occurs with a manual assignment or a holiday.  The spacing now occurs in both directions correctly.

6. The algorithms determining when a assignment also required filling a subset assignment have been improved.  The effects are generally only noticeable when only one person can fill the subset.  Spacing algorithms are also improved when a night call subset assignment is associated only with daytime non-subset assignments.

7. The option to not print call type names when printing calendar schedules has been moved from "General Options" to "Format Calendar".

1/16/2004 Changes Version 5.6.2 to 5.6.3

1. Versions 5.6.0 - 5.6.2 reset the "nominal days between night call" to zero and turns off "allow only one subset" when "General options" is accessed unless "Create Schedule" had been previously accessed during that session of CallSchedule.  The error is fixed.

2. Versions 5.6.1 and 5.6.2 duplicate text to be appended to schedules if the text is less than 765 characters. This is corrected.

1/12/2004 Changes Version 5.6.1 to 5.6.2

1. "Show all" in "People" is made to be on top of "Days active" making the "Show all" display completely visible.

12/30/2003 Changes Version 5.6.0 to 5.6.1

1. The maximum amount of text that can be appended to calendar type schedules is increased from 255 to 1020 characters.  The text is left justified rather than centered.

2. An error is corrected in "Calculate suggested values" when the advanced option "Space weekend day assignments the same as night call" is set and there is a day assignment with the minimum number of people to schedule less than the maximum.  This error could cause the program to stop or give higher than realistic suggested values for the various spacing options.

3. If you have the latest version of Microsoft Office® installed, the "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" should appear in your list of printers.  The printer makes image files of CallSchedule's (and other programs) printed output.  The printer is capable of both portrait and landscape orientation, but attempting to set the orientation to landscape from CallSchedule's reports window results in an error.  The printer can be changed in the other direction (from landscape to portrait) from CallSchedule, and can be changed in both directions from the operating system's "Printers and faxes".  In prior CallSchedule versions this error is not trapped and causes CallSchedule to stop.  In CallSchedule version 5.6.1 an error message will be displayed but CallSchedule will not stop.  In addition, there have been other error trapping changes for printers in version 5.6.1.

4. There is a change in the subset call types spacing algorithms with regard to requests for no call when spacing can only be (or is set to) zero days between night calls.

12/14/2003 Changes Version 5.5.4 to 5.6.0

1. Shows statistics with and without new or edited or rescheduled month by clicking "Show statistics" when the schedule is displayed.

2. Creates multiple and single month HTML output files of schedules directly from "Reports". HTML files are suitable for email or the web.

3. All windows are movable and resizable and maintain correct proportions at all sizes.

4. Font size controls added to "View Schedule" (new, edited, or rescheduled schedule displayed).

5. Font size controls added to "Pre-scheduling data" (pre-schedule displayed).

6. Maximum screen calendar font size increased to 12.  Maximum print font size increased to 14.

7. "Next Page" controls on calendar displays replaced by page up and page down controls.

8.  Modified to be able to restore backups directly from a CD.

9. "Reports" modified to see "old era" schedules (not in current statistics).  Year selector on "Reports" goes five years into the future to accommodate printing or creating HTML pre-schedules.

10. The caption of the "Toggle violations" button has been changed to "Show violations" alternating with "Hide violations".

11. An error in "Tools", "Check Statistics", where holidays were counted as both a holiday and as a day of the week, is corrected.

12. With existing statistics, when the last active call type by ID number was made inactive, and one or more new call types are added in the same month, the last person by ID number did not have cumulative statistics updated for the first new call type for that month.  Month's statistics are correct and cumulative statistics can be corrected by clicking "Tools", setting the month and year as far back as they will go and clicking "Restart statistics". This will recalculate the cumulative statistics from the statistics of each month. The problem existed in prior version 5.x and 4 and is corrected.

13. Version 5.6 existed in various forms from 12/7/03 to it's final release 12/14/03.  "Help", "About" from CallSchedule's "Main Menu" displays the version and date.

11/13/2003 Changes Version 5.5.3 to 5.5.4

1. When the arrows under "type of entry" and "people" were used to change this selection while editing or rescheduling, the data was entered into the database immediately.  This is corrected to when the schedule is accepted. 

10/28/2003 Changes Version 5.5.1 to 5.5.3

1.  The ability to create HTML files of schedules and pre-schedules has been added to "Reports".  The appearance of the HTML output is changed slightly between V5.5.2 and V5.5.3.  

2.  In both "Reports" and "View schedule" the drop down list box of years goes 5 years into the future.

3. The pre-schedule calendar (vacation, requests, etc.) can be converted to a .csv file

10/24/2003 Changes Version 5.5.0 to 5.5.1

1.     Editor error - the editor, in version 5.5.0 only, creates a schedule with no assignments when a schedule is edited unless the "Create Schedule" button has been clicked at least once after starting the program session before editing.  V5.5.1 corrects the problem.   If you have accepted a schedule with no assignments and have no back up, email us your database with your password and month lost.  It can be restored.  To edit in V5.0.0, click "Create schedule" then close "Scheduling options" before editing.

2.     A printer selection and orientation control has been added to the "Reports" form.

3.     Multiple document printer output can be sent as a single document creating a single file when printing to a PDF or other compression program .

4.     V5.5.1 resets Adobe Acrobat after creation of a printer output file is cancelled.  In V5.5.0 and older it was necessary to exit CallSchedule in order to reset Acrobat.  This was not a problem with Acrobat version 6 and Windows XP.

5.  The pre-schedule calendar (vacation, requests, etc.) can be printed from the "Reports" form.

10/10/2003 Changes Version 5.0.1 to 5.5.0

1.      Vacation by weeks - “General Options” now has options to automatically add a “No assignment” to weekend days contiguous to a week of vacation.  A “Request no call” can optionally be automatically added to the Friday preceding a week of vacation and/or the Monday following a week of vacation.

2.  Group statistics - The names of the call types in a group are appended to the group number in the drop down list box in the “Show statistics” screen that selects the group for which the statistics are displayed.

3.  Advanced options - An advanced options button has been added to “Create schedule”.  Partial month's schedules can be created.  Additional weekend spacing options have been added.  Additional control of multiple subspecialty assignments as subsets of primary call types has been added.  Increased control of the order of scheduling days above the minimum schedule has been added.

4.      Retrieval of a schedule - A algorithm that could cause the retrieval of a schedule for display to be slow when there were many requests, vacation, etc. has been replaced by one that is much faster under these circumstances.

5.   Spacing violation messages -  V5.0.1 reports the date of spacing violations as the date of the highest priority linked call in the call chain that contains the violation.  This is changed to the day in the call chain where the error actually occurs.

The program creates a proposed schedule on both sides of the month being scheduled in order to obtain the correct spacing for holidays, weekends, etc.  Spacing error messages were generated based on conflicts with the proposed schedule.  Version 5.5 separately tracks spacing from the proposed schedule, and violations are not generated until that month is scheduled.  This only applies to assignments generated by program outside the month being scheduled, not manual assignments.

6.   Manual assignments above the minimum schedule - In version 5.0.1 a manual assignment to a call/work type above the minimum schedule could cause the scheduling engine to fail to create a complete schedule for that day.  Assignments above the minimum schedule were tested as to whether they could be filled at all, but not tested whether they could be filled with the person manually assigned.  In certain circumstances, when the manually assigned person was the only one who could fill another call type, the engine would fail.  V5.5 will not schedule manual assignments that will cause this failure.  A violation message “needed elsewhere – not scheduled” will be generated.  If the assignment is truly desired, it can be added with an edit.

7.  V5.2.4 and V5.3.0 are intermediate versions that have some but not all of the changes of V5.5.0.  Also many algorithms were corrected and improved for the final version.   V5.2.4 and V5.3.0 should be upgraded to V5.5.1.

10/23/2002 Changes Version 5.0.0 to 5.0.1

1.     “Link demonstration” (clicking “Show links” from “Call/Work Types”) gives a subscript out of bounds error when any person is not active all days of the week.  The problem is corrected in V5.0.1.  The two functions are totally unrelated but use some code in common. 

2.     Daily schedules omit the page title on page one. The problem is corrected in V5.0.1. 

3.     Default year in “Tools” is the same as the last month scheduled.  It should be the next year when the last month scheduled is December. The problem is corrected in V5.0.1. 

4.     Spreadsheet files listed by call types give a subscript out of bounds error under certain conditions.  This problem exists in prior versions.  The problem is corrected in V5.0.1.

5.  Known spelling errors and typos in v5.0.0 are corrected in V5.0.1.


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